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Hardware Spec

What is the CPU, SOC, amount of memory, etc? Any specific board model? Is there a codename for it?

Form Factor

Is it a smartphone? A TV dongle? A tablet? A netbook?


How does the boot process work? Up to Linux and initrd booting? Are there alternatives?


Or how do you get access to brick your device? How do you get Linux root? And other methods to replace the internal memory.


In case you brick it, how do you recover it? Are there software only alternatives? Does it require hardware modification? Are there any protections? Is there a second boot method? How do you activate it?


Is there an installation procedure or method? Like a bootloader, loading process, etc. Related to boot and recovery.


How do you debug it? Is there a serial port available? How early can you debug the boot process? Without hardware modification? And with hardware modification? What is available? What is the procedure?

Operating System

What OS does it ship with? How close is it to upstream? What versions? Are there any modifications? Are they available? How?

Upstream status and activity

How much of it is supported upstream? Who does contribute? Is there any project? Does the hardware vendor contribute? Is the SOC supported on Linux? What about the board?

Android support

AOSP and Cyanogen Mod support. Is there any other activity, like on xda or github?

Other OS support

Is there any support from other OSes?


What cables or accessories are needed or available?


What is the status of running Debian on it?

Next activities

What are some of the proposed next activities to get a nice experience running Debian on this device?